NES Classic Edition – Review


Getting the NES Classic was not as hard as I thought it would be. Just had to get up early and wait around 2 hours outside my local EB Games to be one of the 30 people who got to buy one. (My GF actually bought it for me as an early Xmas gift! 😀 )

Unfortunately it was not as easy for a lot of other people.

Though I do know that there will be another shipment of them to stores in 3 weeks. But it will be the last shipment before Xmas.

I was first surprised by how heavy the box was, then I was confused when I opened it to find a VERY small NES that doesn’t weigh too much (but it does feel like it’s Nintendo quality rather than cheap plastic like the Atari Flashbacks). I still don’t know what was in there that was making it feel rather heavy. “Power”, perhaps? 😛

Inside the box wasn’t anything fantastic, like it wasn’t in there like the original Wii where it had the 2 slots and nice packaging arrangement.

But that’s doesn’t matter. I’m not hurt by that.

It comes with a poster on the other side of the instructions (plug in, turn on).

The poster is dark and lame. They could have done something much better and exclusive to the NES Classic.


The system though; it’s a little tiny box of fun! It’s got every kind of genre on there. And since older games are pretty difficult; there is tons of replayability. I figure it will take make all year to beat all of the games on all of the difficulty levels. At which point I hope Nintendo comes out with a SNES Classic.

To get the most out of it you really gotta make a commitment to experience ALL the games and try to beat ALL of them even if you don’t like the genre. It’s like an education in gaming 🙂

Everything works just like you would expect it to. Press the POWER button and you get the red light, and then the game menu, press RESET to get back to the menu and save your game (no need to hold the RESET like you did on the original NES).

A lot of people are complaining that the wires on the controller are too short. They ARE. But it’s not a big deal since the NES needs to be close to you if you want access to the RESET button.

I got a power extension cable, and an extra long HDMI cable, and I keep my NES Classic on the coffee table when I’m playing.

I like it that way, it adds to the experience.

The system emulates the games PERFECT. I know that the system runs on Linux and uses open source emulators (shown in the legal section of the systems menu). But I can’t figure out how they got them to run so well. I use Linux and I have those emulators on my PC but have not been able to get games to run as well as they run on the NES Classic. (I’m pretty good at noticing even the smallest problem).

The sound quality produced by the NES classic is especially amazing.

There is a filter option to make the games look like they are running on an old CRT TV but I don’t like it. I prefer the Pixel Perfect mode. They mean it when they say PERFECT. It looks amazing.

It does not look like when you run an emulator on your PC without filters. It looks more like a pixel art game that was made recently like FEZ or Shovel Knight. It’s VERY crisp.

Overall; this is an amazing system and by getting one you are paying tribute to Nintendo for all the great games on it. You are telling them they should make more of these things.

Not just that; but it plays the games PERFECT. It REALLY is a HD NES.

I hope to one day see a Virtual Console system from Nintendo that has online play and ALL of their old games, and games of other publishers from all the classic generations.

This is a good market test… and it’s looking good so far.



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