NES Classic – Accessories – “Playing With Power” Book


Okay so it’s not really an accessory, but where else am I supposed to put this?

I guess in a way books WERE an accessory to video games back in the day… so “accessory” it is!

This book looks great from the outside with its game cartridge look, and from the little but that I’ve seen of the inside; it looks like a fantastic read that would be great to go over a few times.

It has that old Nintendo Power magazine style that takes you back to a time where information was laid out in a fun way. I miss that.

The book covers everything from Tips&Tricks to developer interviews and fun facts.

Unfortunately the book only covers 17 of the 30 games on the NES Classic Edition. I don’t know which ones, and I don’t know why they would do something like that. Maybe they’re planning other books or bringing back separate strategy guides.

I’ve heard of some problems with the book such as typos and excluding things that the cover says are included, such as the Zelda overworld map.

Unfortunate, but even expensive Dungeons & Dragons books have typos and missing content. I guess publishing books with lots of graphics AND text is hard.

It still looks like a fun read and a good book to have. Not for 60$, but a good one to look out for a sale on.




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