NES Classic – “EmiO The Edge Joystick” RECALL!


Did you order the “EmiO The Edge Joystick” to use with your NES-CE?
Don’t open it, send it back to where it came from!
It doesn’t even work on the NES-CE.

The company made it for the NES-CE but I guess they had no way to test it since they made it before the NES-CE was even on the market.

They seen that the NES-CE uses the same ports as on the bottom of the Wii controllers so they made a controller that has those and expected it to magically work somehow without the wizardry of hardware compliance testing.

If you’re looking for a way to use something similar; use the REAL thing!
Yes, there is an adapter for the NES-CE to use your old NES controllers on it.
Hyperkin makes an adapter creatively called the “NES to NES Classic Adapter for NES Controller to NES Classic/Wii U/ Wii”.


It’s only 10 bucks. You can score an original NES Advantage joystick on Lukie Games for 20 dollars.
30 bucks and you’ve got the Nintendo Advantage!





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