NES Classic – Short Wire Solutions

The short controller wire for the NES-CE makes for a whole new market and world of solutions to this problem.

My solution is simple I just have an extension power cable and an extra long HDMI cable, and I keep the NES-CE on the coffee table when I’m playing.

There are better solutions though…

You could use your own old NES controllers or cheap 3rd party controllers with the “Hyperkin NES to NES Classic Adapter for NES Controller to NES Classic/Wii U/ Wii”.


You could get a 3rd party NES-CE controller like the “Interworks Edge Classic Nintendo Gamepad Controller” which looks pretty nice that it keeps the same classic style.


There is also another 3rd party NES-CE controller called the “My Arcade GamePad Retro”. This is a strange one what with it’s square buttons.


Those 3rd party controllers both have 10-foot cables. So either is good for extending your range.

As you probably know by now; there is a few extension cables out there for the NES-CE controllers. They are a decent quick option but they make less sense to me that the other options since you probably need to buy 2 of them. You don’t want to be that dick who tells their friend that they have to sit on the floor 3 feet away from the TV while you sit comfortably on the sofa.

And of course there is always the option to go wireless. Nyko has a wireless controller called the MiniBoss that looks great.


And there is a wireless version of that “My Arcade GamePad” controller with the square buttons.


There is also this tube of sunscreen if you decide on sitting 3 feet from your TV.



There are many options out there, and more sure to come.




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