NES Classic – The Controller Makes The Console, Or Why The NES-CE Is A Great Deal


I am a firm believer that the controller makes the system. The controller of a game system is the first thing I look at when buying a new game console. That’s the thing I’m gonna be touching the most, and using to interact with the games.
This is especially true when it comes to new systems where they all have about the same games.

While the NES controller is simple, it’s something I’m used to. Not just it’s shape and the placement of the buttons, but the FEEL of the buttons.
But with over 25 years of play on my NES (the NES has always been my top system), the buttons have become squishy and just bad.

I was in the market for a new NES controller just before the NES-CE was announced. I wanted a brand new in the box official NES controller, not some 3rd party one where the buttons feel just as squishy as the old ones I was using. I have a few of those 3rd party USB ones for my PC, so I know I would be making another gamble on something that LOOKS like an NES controller but probably ends up not FEELING like one.

The thing holding me back from getting a brand new in the box official NES controller was the price. It would cost me over $60.

Then the NES-CE was announced. Right away; I seen that it had the brand new in the box official NES controller I was looking for (but with a much shorter wire).

I was like “This is PERFECT! I get the controller for around the same price I would have to pay to get one that I know FOR SURE is brand new, AND I get a bunch of great games that I don’t own yet and would cost more than the controller to buy!”.



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